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Originally Posted by short304 View Post
Update on the metric sizes: I sent in the order Friday afternoon, but didn't here back from the supplier, so I'm assuming they'll get in touch w/ me so I can make payment on monday; communication has been top-notch so far, so I'm assuming they were just closed by the time I sent it in. I should have them in my possession by late next week at the latest... once I recive them and inspect them to make sure they're not junk, I'll send out quotes to all who've posted in this thread!

Thanks again guys, and thanks again Toymachine! Looking forward to helping you guys out!

Figure I'll go ahead and start a running tally so it's easier for me to track who's interested so far:
Toymachine - 10-20x #2
vv0mp - 10x (?)
wooulf - 4x #2, 1x #1
Lilshank - 5x #2
808raoul - a couple
Zondo - interested
VagabondStarJXF - interested
mikeds80 - a few

Again, you are very welcome Short! Truly my pleasure. After all, it takes two to tango, and more than two for an orgy!

I'm so pleased so many folks are opting for the 90 durometer. Once they're in circulation and more are using them, we'll get some much better info on how well they work and if they might be the beginning to a solution for the older/small diameter main pistons and internal reg.

Thank you to everyone who has give interest in getting one or more of these kits and posted here!

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