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new shift code


also in the Sanctuary if you find Michael Mamaril he will give you free item. so every time you start the game again if he in city he will give you a item. random pop up too. here his item rate for rares 95% blue, 4.5% purple and 0.5% orange. all is items are base what level the main storyline is at. so if your story line is at lv 39. you get level 39 items. one more thing to bring up. for some reason there time limit on the dam that will cause Roland to be taken to jail in dusk area. so if take to long get Roland away from that big robot with large red in middle of it. he will take him to jail area in dusk. i found that out on my second try save Roland. when it was first time i was there with zero. weird that there no timer on that boss fight at end of dam. been luck to get some good sniper rifles all the way. and one pop out of now where on me and was like i had 2,300 went up to 5225 rifle. so far being sniper i last longer and do not have to fight a large group of people. like i did with commando.

also not sure if you guys saw this. but some people are reporting glitch where they get 150 skill points.

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