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Originally Posted by aresfiend View Post
What do you mean?

Tom Kaye himself said that it worked until the early/mid 3000 serial numbered mags when he started designing them with higher internal volumes to run at slightly lower pressures. Basically the magic box worked as a reverse regulator or just a volumizer, I can't remember which of those two, but it was moot once Kaye modified his base Automag design and started production mid 3000 serials.
Ive owned a few and even taken the the box apart,,Its a joke..The only magic was the how SP made the money from our pockets go into thairs, Thats where the true magic lies..
And here's the actual quote that Mr Kaye said about the Magic Hoax/box..Your thinking of the 8 hole mod..

Question toTom Kaye,
I bought a brand new minimag a couple of weeks ago. I had smart parts put on
the magic box, i'm not sure if it added any distance because I got a AA barrel
the same time. What else if any can make the gun shoot further? Also i've had
probelms with the valuve freezing I have a 20ozanti siphon and a remote,plus
expansion chamber,and I don't shoot any superhuman speed,any ideas?

Thanks for the help, love the feel of the gun just hoping to get it to work

Jason DesJardins

Jason, range is an ongoing debate, we have not seen anything except higher velocity make balls go farther. Anything you do will only delay the onset of liquid in the gun, yours sounds like it is set up well but make sure the anti siphon is set up correctly.

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