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Originally Posted by Reloadro View Post
just watched your video, senghing. if i heard correctly, the rep said one of the DAM's at the demo was jammed and not working at the time?

i know its hard to really comment much on anything since you only had the marker in your hands for about 15 seconds, but did any thoughts jump into your mind as you held/shot the thing?
While I had only a quick second to shoot it, my team mate was able to take one home. We spent a ton of time just messing around with it.

First off, the jam thing could be of various reasons. There's a rotating eyepipe and they might have broke a ball or something in there, or screwed something up. It is still relatively new.

The marker is super comfy. It is a really well designed out marker with a slew of features.

When I saw it posted on tactical friday, I was like MEHHH. Meh, paintball rifle by Dye. It's going to be overpriced and what would I do with such a thing?

So I'll just write down what I thought about it.
The design is really smart. The issue with all paintball markers have been cheek/mask placement. That's why it has been an issue with other markers because well, actual replicas are awful for paintball because of the mask. So they drop the stock and uses a carbine mount. I think it would be awesome if it's compatible with a magpul stock.

I know someone else mentioned it about the demo DAMs having the stock pulled. The stock gets in the way of the asa, unless you had a small stuby tank like them 47/4500s. I tried mounting my 45/4500 and it was no dice. When you are holding the thing and shooting it, it is natural and all the buttons are where it should be. Mag release is right where you finger is.

The single trigger is great, the electronics are pretty straight forward. Press the button to turn on the marker, press a button to turn off eyes, etc.

The demo one was shooting soft, I reckon that the FPS was about 250ish. It couldn't have been much. We were dryfiring it in the condo and it handles really well. It was fun to run around in the hallway and play CQBesque stuff.

The shroud has a stack together design. So you can take a section of the shroud off, take another part on, add two, etc,etc. You can run with whatever flavor cocker threaded barrel and add/delete as many sections as you deem necessary.

The on the fly switch between magfed and hopper is awesome. Just pure awesome, just a slide of a switch and you are good to go. I know kingman's new marker has a twist barrel that changes the magfed to hopper function, but this is more organic.

I really like the magwell-pict grip. Love love love it.

The dye izon sight is meh. Swapping it out for a open faced red dot worked so much better.

Don't shoot the marker off handed or the hopper will block the vision and make it all sorts of funny.

The magazine design is neat. As mentioned before, it's a shutter door type of cover. So you load the paint into the magazine and then slide the shutters up. This would protect the rounds from the elements (probably not water submersion). When you insert the mag, it opens the shutter and feeds the rounds to the marker.

The price tag is super high. Yes, $1300+ is a very large pill to swallow. I was contemplating on saving up and grabbing one myself, however, the price point is a bit much for my blood. I don't play scenario, milsim, cqb, shoot first strikes, etc. I am not the demographic that this marker goes for. That being said, I would love to have one because I could get "rifle" handling time at the fraction of the cost that it would be for real shooting, at least more fun in the sense that I get to shoot people legally.

A big thing I check for, on anything that runs with magazines is whether or not the mags can be easily inserted and then dropped when empty. My first AR doesn't like Magpul Pmags and some magazines will hangup when you drop them. It's annoying. The DAM mags dropped when I pressed the button and the mags were easy to flip and punch right back in. If you head over to the Kingman Hammer thread, there's a video in which I try the same thing with the Hammer. The hammer drops the mag very well, but when I went to put the magazine back in, I was having a bit of issues.

In closing, I really like the DAM. If I had a use for one, I would consider grabbing one (if I had a super paying job and no student loans). I hope Dye goes the Proto route and make a Proto version. Maybe call it the Proto Pam?
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