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Summer project complete, winter project teaser

So I figured I'd post some pictures of my recently completed summer project and some teaser pics for the winter project.

I got this bushmaster in August. It had potential and the freak bored barrel was a big plus. That being said, I knew it needed to be changed and perfected to meet my needs.

First step were the additions by subtraction. Quickly removed was the silly bottom line adapter and the beat up site rail. Following that I gave Dan Bacci a call and got a very nice original Line SI grip frame (trademark sign of the bushmasters in my opinion), a new powertube (mine was quickly snapped), and a new hammer. Then came the important stuff. I wanted a stock class gun so I ordered a CCI bucket changer and a Walz Cram and Jam. I give you the result, a beautiful bushmaster:

It still needs a bit of testing to get the velocity in the right area but Im rather pleased

And as promised...teaser pics of the winter project

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