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Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
He's a power hungry looney toon. We saw how nuts he was at the end of that episode.

He won't tell anyone his "real" name, just goes by governor. Ever see "The Postman" with Kevin Costner? The other dude that ran the militia, he was of the same vain where he was originally just a school teacher, but took the tragedy as a time to grab power and control people.

He tells folks how to live and what they can / can not do.

The army guard, is immediately a group that "his" people would see as more important with experience and better gear. By eliminating that threat to him, he keeps his power, and gains more weapons and equipment. Hence why he even killed the last guard member at the end.

At least that's how I read into it all.

Of course a rival settlement will play right into that story line, and he won't like/want that either. So we'll see where that takes us also.
Winner, winner chicken dinner!

The feces will hit the fan when he realizes Rick and the other group (remember how interested he was in Darryl?) is holed up in the prison with resources to last awhile.

You know he's going to want to take that, and that means going through Rick.
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