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Originally Posted by Target View Post
Who thinks that the "Tea" is tainted?

Sedatives perhaps.
Andrea was much more open to the idea of staying in town after drinking than before.
Michonne did not have any and does not trust the Governor.
Merle seems to be submissive. Not really what I thought his character would be.
Originally Posted by NoX13 View Post
Not tainted.. experimental cure theyre not being made aware of maybe.
the gov was drinking it also. trial phases need test monkeys and who better then two not from the group?

Merle is just a dog on a leash.. hes been given help and cleaned uo and seems to be of the drugs. He is simply biding his time and playing servent to suit his needs.

time will only tell what happens next but Rick is gonna clean house .
Yep, something is definitely amiss with the tea. My suspicion was aroused early when the Gov'na mentioned how much he needed the tea (can't remember the exact words) but then it was reinforced later when they had him ask Andrea how much she liked it.

There's definitely something going on with that, maybe that's how he's controlling everyone.
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