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Thanks to all who have contributed so far; your input is invaluable to my project.

I have been making great progress in the creation of a new tournament-league/reality-show/paintball-subgroup.

We'll call it REALSIM until a better name is found.

Have a look at the current format and let me know your opinions.

7 vs 7 | 20 minutes | elimination (you or your marker are hit with a paintball break and you're out)

Woodsball field, (uneven terrain), flip a coin or rock paper scissor for sides.

Any paintball marker allowed (" play with whatever equipment as long as you're shooting under 280ft/s)

One unopened box of high quality paint for each game. 2 Bags for each team; divided any way you like. (Part of the fun is to strategically divided the paint amongst the team members.)

Game is won by scoring more points then the other team. One point for each successful elimination and one point for controlling the centre objective.

COSTS: $15 per game per player.

Breakdown: $5 for paint, $2.5 service fee, $7.5 prize money.

The winning team gets back $105 as their prize money. ($15 each; effectively having played for free)

In the event of a tie everyone gets back $7.5.
The whole event can be done without prize money; bringing the cost down to $7.5 per game per player.

Any team that has won twice on a day will have cameras mounted on their heads and be chased by a glide-cam for the duration of their third game.

There will be online ranking and reputation tracking.

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