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Raider's Fall sale! A5, T8, & Brass FS/T

Hey all! after another awesome season of paintball im purging my collection once again! The gear im selling are ones that i just dont run as much as they deserve. so im offering them up to a better home.
I don't ship first
Paypal only
PM me if interested
PM me if u think a price is unfair or something needs changing
I WILL cut a deal on packages
If you ask about an item and tell me you are interested i will hold it for 3 days after that its back up for sale!!!

Interested in: Masks, Hoppers, Podpacks, and Autococker threaded barrels.
Prices OBO

Tippmann A5 Sold

Also up for grabs is my Tiberius T8/ SA-8---Price Reduced
Originally Blue, Painted Black
Stock Barrel
Shoulder Holster (that i never really used)----Sold
Hard Case
1 Good Mag
1 Damaged mag
Classic buddy wants to run pistol and come back with broken mag, tried swapping co2's and over-tightened or over torqued the rod used to rotate the screw. quick fix was to drill out a hole so an allen screw could be used to tighten the co2. could just need a tooless mag kit.
Asking 100 Shipped OBO

PPS Brass Barrels (All Cleaned with Never-Dull after games)

First off, flat black 12inch,single porting, spyder threads, .690 Bore size, ion barrel adapter. ran this on my SP1 and it worked great, shoots straight, very quiet. only noticeable mark is from a mock suppressor screw, as pictured.keeping

Also have a Spyder threaded Python Body. No Sleeves. Asking $20 Shipped or can throw it in with the Brass.

Second, Flat Black 12 inch, no porting A5 threads, .685 Bore size, good condition, fresh paint job, Ran this bad boy on my old Phenom, also loud, shoots straight. Asking $45 shipped

Third, flat black 10 inch, no porting, A5 threads, .690 Bore size, good condition,Fresh paint job, ran it on my a5, pretty darn loud, shoots straight. Asking $45 shipped

Last but no least is a CP 14inch Smart Parts/GOG threaded barrel. Asking $20 Shipped.

Prices OBO thanks for looking!

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