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Event 3: Pakistan Campaign - Operation Neptune Spear

Although, the Coalition lost the initial battle in the opening moments of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Osama bin Laden knew deep down that in a matter of time, the regime of Saddam Hussein will fall under the combined might of the Coalition. With the prospect of yet another regime falling and the possibility of being cut off from safety, bin Laden sets out to find another safe haven to continue his plans of attack on the "Infidel Western Civilization." After many years of traveling the unpaved roads of the Middle East, he has finally come to the city of Abottabad, located in Pakistan, where he takes up residence in the most secured compound ever seen. This residence is, in a sense, cut off from the outside world with no landline telephone and internet going in and out. bin Laden only way to communicate to the rest of his Terrorist organization is by the use of a lone carrier and flash drives carrying instructions.

After the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq, the Coalition intelligence renewed their efforts into locating bin Laden. They checked every lead, but continuously ending up at a dead end. But they got a break through an informant in the Terrorist camp. That informant informed the Coalition that bin Laden has been secretly hiding out somewhere in Pakistan and only a courier knew where he is. Through more investigations and interrogations, the have located the courier and have tracked him to bin Laden's mansion in Abottabad. With confirmation, the Coalition have started making plans in storming the mansion to capture or kill bin Laden.

Typically, a more reserved bin Laden would be more secure wherever he is because of his men that surround him. However, as of late, either by old age or just consistently on the run all the time, his paranoia has overtaken his sense of well being and has ordered more men and arms to the compound he is staying and tells his men to keep a vigilant watch at all times. Incredibly, his paranoia comes true and he is ready one night in May, when he hears helicopters closing in from the distance ...

On Sat, Nov 24, this will be the last "scenario" game of the year and the game will start in the evening for the night game with Sunday being regular scheduled missions. When we get more info in regards to at "schedule" for Sat night, this will get updated.

Also, there might be a change in pricing for entry, stay tuned

This is a Field Paint Only event with paint prices starting at $35 a case

Camping space will be available Sat night.
Prizes and Raffle drawing at the event!
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