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Yeah i'am, guys from Virtue was nice. After see how work the spire and the radar i can say that if you have a real problem it's gonna be very rare. They thaught to a lot of things.
Reboot for the programing of the Spire if you mess with it. Put off the light for play in dark. Eletronic anti-jam. So easy to put off or put back together. You can adjust sensitivy of detector in front for vibration or in for the push. So you realy can adjust it to what you use and wich marker you use with it. You can put off the sound too. You really can personalise it like you want. You need to have good battery in it, because like most electronical things if the battery are bad quality that not gonna work properly. For exemple enought strenght to rotate but not enought to stop the rotation etc...
The radar is complete too and you can even put you name on it
Usefull for people who need to manage a lot of player velocity on a event, in field to make quick velocity control etc...They even gonna release later a bluetooth extra device to put in and connect to your computer to make graphic etc...
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