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Take it from a guy who owns both CCM and non-CCM snipers, plus CCI markers--probably 30+ in total over the want a CCM marker.

I think CCM's pump, autotrigger, and internals are the pinnacle of design. No other maker's product can compare, in my opinion. I have used some frames that I liked as much as CCM's frame, such as the Dye single hinge. But since you need a CCM grip frame to use that autotrigger, you're kind of married to the mob when it comes to the frame.

Look, I've built at least a dozen sniper pumps where I started off with a non-CCM body and added the CCM parts I thought were essential. The end result IN EVERY INSTANCE was a price point equal to a used CCM. And when I wanted to sell it later, I wasn't able to get NEARLY the resale value of a "real" CCM marker. Didn't matter that performance-wise, some were just as nice.

So I see your options as:

1. Get a real CCM, use it, love it, and/or sell it someday for about what you paid
2. Get a used sniper with a LOT of CCM stuff on it already, probably pay a little more over the months/years as you get it fine tuned to your liking, and hope that someday you'll get out of it what you bought it for (not including the upgrades)

I think there are some players who actually prefer the phantom. In my experience, that is less than 1 in 5 best and all else equal.
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