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Originally Posted by Riot View Post
I really liked the micromags in the anno thread. Thanks for showing the differences with pics!
MicroMags are nice. Couple of things you may need to know. Anything pre 2k is going to be right feed and utilize and elbow. Only the 2k Micros and the MM2K9 Micros had vert feeds, or in the case of the MM2K9 adjustable feeds. Also, the vert ASA adapters for Micros are fairly tough to find, so if you want that option try to find one that has one already. If not, Lukes Customs I think still has a few like the one above.

Another thing on Micros is that the earliest ones had screw on detents which were/are notoriously easy to strip. By the same token, the later ones had milled on detents that were a PITA to replace and most times too weak for forefed hoppers.

Lastly, the Gen1&2's require a frame with "wings" to properly hold the sear pin in place. Again, if you are buying one of the earlier ones, it's best to try and find one with the correct frame as finding winged frames is fairly tough these days.

Hope it helps. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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