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The adapters for the A5 is very different. There is no "adapter" really, as you know; but a complete replacement of the threaded nose piece in cocker threads. This allows the ball to be inserted into the barrel from the breach as normal.
Every other adapter works like a short barrel back. Imagine running a barrel back that has a wider I.D. than the barrel front. Soup city. This is the potential problem using these adapters can pose when used in conjuction with a barrel that takes inserts; or any barrel with a small I.D.
One little quibble, yes the a5 cocker adapter does replace the nose, but the bolt does not seal up against it when its in the forward position as there is a gap. I tried one and had issues. To my knowledge the only a5 adapter that allowed the bolt to go all the way forward was the ion adapter.

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If I didn't play pump I wouldn't play, simple as that.
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