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Originally Posted by Zondo View Post
Cheap JT Walmart gloves. They have microfiber on the back of the hand so I can wipe my lense if I get splattered really badly in a game and I like having my fingers exposed for tactile feel on the marker, pump grip, pods, tubes, 12 gr's, etc.

I played with the mechanix impact gloves and didn't really give me a good feel for things like the on/off on the ASA, turning on boards, and the extra material made me clumsy trying to walk a trigger.
You probably had them one size too big. I used to always wear XL gloves. But I bought a set of L gloves the last time around and found them to wear much better for the tactile feel of things due to less bulk material around my fingers. They take about a day to stretch and become as comfortable as ordering a size larger, but once they do they're very nice.
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