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Originally Posted by longhornjake View Post
Love the easy action. Much less bulky than the mini gum container. Any way to increase the number of FS it will fit without compromising the action. The video sold me. Though I could always use the gum container to reload from. I'm in for 2 black ones. Are these ano'ed? Do we pay now? I can't remember what the form showed. Thanks.
you are welcome to modify it to your hearts content after you get it

The plunger can be shortened somewhat, but thats the standard size for me so I am just going to stick with it. I know it works without problems with the spring at the size it is. Plus I have to make a bunch of them this week anyways.

Yes you can have black, or dust black or raw if you dont want to wait for the anodizing. Costs are on page 1 and in the order form.

I am going to leave these with no deposit this time. If anyone bails after ordering, it will be the first, last and only time i do it though
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