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Originally Posted by mrmag11 View Post
Man, having first place that close is rough to let slip through our fingers But TrueBallers played a heck of a final two games. They definitely deserve first place.

World Cup 2012 was quite awesome I have to say. I played in pump and 10 man, and finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. Never made it to Sunday before this weekend, and all I can say is wow. I am fortunate to have played with the two teams I did. Rockin' Cocks and Team Voodoo, bringing it big for World Cup 2012!
Congrats Pat and Team Rockiní Cocks!!!
I am glad you got to show off for your boy as well, seeing as this was his first ever event!
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I don't care what anyone uses to play - just don't be a douche to your fellow players. Its the golden rule.
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