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I have SM-1 and like it a lot. I also have a CCM T2, my son has a Kaos Pump as well.

My T2 is stock with a 10" Deadlywind Fibur Barrel.

The Kaos has a new feed neck, on/off and a 12" CP .685 barrel.

The SM-1 is stock with a CP regulator and rail mounted on/off & plain rubber grips. It has a 12" Deadlywind Fibur Barrel.

While the T2 is the best of the group, the SM-1 holds it own and is far more comparable to the T2 than the Kaos a lot!

I almost purchased an Empire Sniper; it is not nearly as trick as the SM-1, though I think it is quite a bargain and the best bargain for a new gun for someone starting to pump and is on a budget.

The Kaos is the worst bargain in this group, after you get done upgrading the barrel, ASA and feed neck you are into it for $300.00, and it still is inferior to the rest of this group.

Now this only addresses NEW markers and there are a lot of other good choices for those that like to tinker.

Good Luck!
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