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Originally Posted by jellyghost View Post
I am going to put a CCM on my wish list because it seems really hard to judge the relative quality of different custom CCMed sniper setups.
I was in a similar situation when I started. I had bought a VSC phantom as my first gun and it was great, but I was looking into snipers and had no idea where to start.

That is the problem with buying a used sniper/converted cocker build. Unless you're experienced and know the quality of the different brands of parts out there(and its almost impossible to know all of them) its hard to know what you're getting yourself in to.

If you have the money and know nothing about snipers or cockers a CCM is a great marker. (I am currently looking at purchasing one)

If you have a friend that is experienced at building cockers/snipers ask them if they can help you out with a build. (this was how i got started on snipers)

The nice things about building your own sniper are:

1. the customization factor: for example I have an ANS 90* frame on my reflex sniper that no one I know likes the feel of except for me.

2. price point. You can get 80-90% of the performance for 50% of the price if you're willing to deal with a few hickups along the way(tuning, leaks, etc) and you will learn a lot about working on markers.

Do whatever you feel will make you happy and dont feel obligated to shell out $500 plus if you're not sure you like the platform.
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