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Coming in just under the wire, but it's done! (Okay, almost.)

I've had a busy month and wasn't able to work on much of anything by way of personal stuff, but thankfully (well, you know what I mean) there was a delay in a job I was scheduled to get today, so I sat down and did the last tinkery bits to get it assembled.

I am happy to report that it works! It's not tuned yet, I need to get out the chrony and play with the dwell times and pressures to see what kind of consistency and efficiency I can get out of it.

There was also a weird issue with the LPR overpressuring- not a leak, I finally had to take out one of the four belleville washer springs to get it down to the proper operating range. Normally an LED needs four of the things, this one needs three or it goes way over. I'll figure it out.

Total budget? $40 for the Etek grip frame, and the clamping feed neck was $35. Everything else came out of my parts bins and junk boxes.

The reg, gauge and rail are just temporary in order to test it. I have a standard-thread LED-style Minireg with a pushbutton I'll be using for the final setup. The barrel, too, is just one that I happened to have laying around.

The base gun I bought as a parts box over a decade ago, and the various materials- Delrin for the bolt, aluminum for the ASA- all came out of what I had laying around. Same goes for the few fasteners- the only ones not from the original Angel or that came with the grip frame were two that hold the frame to the body and one that holds the ASA on. Again, out of my regular stashes.

I'm hoping I'll have some time this weekend to tune it a bit and get some video, and I'll post the rest of the build-up photos as soon as I can, but for now, she works, she shoots, and I'm pretty happy with how it came out.

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