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Originally Posted by lmartin View Post
My first spyder was a compact 2 in 1 java edition.

I guess a spimmy counts, it was born a Spyder. A Spyder on juice
Compact 2 in 1 Java... was it gloss RED? Cause that was my first real marker after a quick stint with a brass eagle and it kicked ***, and totally got me addicted to airsmithing, which in turn led me into business, full time CNC machining, mechanical design and engineering

Skibbo: lowest? easily 600 or less... I run my OC phantom with a reg with stock CCI guts and its just under that mark, about 550 or so. Higher flowing powertube means even lower.

I should point out: the cupseal design in the Hammer 7 will not impede flow as much as the powertube... so if you intend to run with a reg and want to go lower, upgrade the PT, and spring accordingly.

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