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Okay guys you are all talking about very different ANS's

They are all the same company, but ANS has changed in major ways throughout the years.

ANS gear as an unreliable website does not neccesarily reflect the quality of the components they made.

Like all companies..every component needs to be evaluated individually. The Jackhammer reg was only better than the sledgehammer because it was externally adjustable. Its basically the same besides that. The Mini ram is great, its a clippard or other big dog pneumatic ram company brand ram with an ANS logo on it (most of the best paintball rams are not built from the ground up for paintball but rather are sourced from the pneumatic industry..which makes the most sense)

Their trigger frames were as good as most decent aluminum .45 frame, they are as good as the components you put in them basically.

Over all I would agree with the earlier post that compared them to WGP in quality.

I don't think Lapco made much if anything for ANS. Certainly nothing ANS put out there was good enough for lapco to put its name on it. Maybe some small parts like timing rods, possible their 3 way, cocking rods.

Most people know ANS as the ANS I am describing, the guys behind the Gen X3 autococker mainly. Here is an article about the Gen X 1 which is a little earlier in their history. My favorite quote "At an out-the-door price of only $799, the ANS Generation-X Autococker is awfully hard to dislike. This is a HUGE amount of stuff for the money. This ’gun is definitely a value leader in Autocockers, and ANS is working hard to get the price down even further!"

Maybe ANS worked too hard at that ; )
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