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What's a good "modable" vehicle.

I'm currently in a search for a vehicle to do a bit of toying around with, bit of a mix of engine work and body work to kinda kill some time this winter.

My first idea was the whole find a honda civic to mess around with, but finding one of those around here for less than 3k dollars would be a miracle, everyone seems to think that hotrodding them out is adding a cold air intake and putting a set of rims and selling a 95 civic for 5k dollars, i'm not paying that.

So i'm giving up and looking into anything, truck, car or otherwise, what's some good options to look for that have room for improvement looks and preformance wise (large aftermarket selection).
A 4 cylinder standard shift would be the fun option, since i'm trying to get away from the 13mpg that my truck gets.

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