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Originally Posted by aresfiend View Post
I don't think you guys get it, I don't want to work on a project, I want something that I can put together with the parts, allen keys, maybe a wrench, and loctite.

I don't want to crank out my dremel, set up a mill, or solder anything. I want to just assemble something.

I have fun assembling computers, but a paintball gun is more affordable and would get more use, that's why I want to assemble one, not modify one.
If you want something complex that can be assembled without machining, then Cocker is probably the way to go. Look around BST; there are cocker parts out the wazzoo. Angels can be done, I'm sure, but it will take you much longer to find all the parts.

So if you're settled on a Cocker, head over to the WGP forum and start nosing around. If you're not familiar with timing an Autococker, look it up and read the instructions. It can be pretty touchy. Read up on it and decide if you want to mess with that. I have no idea what your skill level is. Myself, I have hardly touched one.

If you want something simpler, and you don't mind venturing outside of the two options in your original post, then an Automag is not a bad way to go. If you buy a complete valve, then assembly is a matter of a couple screws. That sounds a little less complicated than you are looking for, but again, I don't know your skill level. You can crank it up a notch by buying a valve with problems. There are still a ton of parts available both here and direct from the source.

Parts, parts, parts. If all you want to do is assemble something, and you don't really care what, then your primary factor in making a decision may be parts availability. Head on over to the Misc Paintball Items BST forum, poke around and see if anything inspires you. Autococker bodies are pretty common, and if you settle on Cocker, then your next question is "what kind?" Check out what's for sale; that might help you make up your mind.

You can also head over to Bacci Paintball where our very own "bacci paintball" (screen name) has a plethora of rare (and not-so-very-rare) project guns in various states of distress. Either way, whatever you eventually settle on, both Bacci and "Titus" are good sources of parts and generally have the MCB Membership Seal-of-Approval.

But if you don't care about complexity and you don't care about cost and you don't care about parts availability, then you can literally assemble anything you want, with enough time, money, and scrounging. Anything at all.

...except for nuclear devices. The Feds don't like it when you try that.

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