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I would never deal with this individual again, and here is why.

I purchased a used ULE automag body from him. After negotiating price, I was asked to pay $10 for shipping because it would not fit in a $5 flat rate box. I agreed, and the body arrived today, 11/1/2012. It was packed in a (torn) padded envelope with no additional protection, and a postage cost of $3.14. Now, add on to that the cost of delivery confirmation and an envelope, and I feel that's about $5. When I inspected and attempted to install the body, I noticed that the screw hole to mount it to the marker was almost completely stripped. I've asked Kusokow for a partial refund to cover the cost of having the body repaired, and he flat out refused by saying that the body was listed as "poor" condition and was priced as such. I countered by quoting his own for sale thread, where it was listed as "excellent" functional condition, but "poor" cosmetic. I expected and accept the scratches and wear present on the body, but the damage to the threads does not make this body usable without proper repair work.

I've tried to get this situation resolved amicably through PMs, but Kusokow has taken a hard line and refuses to work with me. I can't even file a complaint/grievence through PayPal because he convinced me to send as a personal payment (something I would ordinarily never do).

All in all, yes, I got the body I wanted at a price I felt was reasonable, but not in the condition I expected and factored into the value I was willing to pay.

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