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Originally Posted by TechPB-Mike View Post
Keep in mind, we are dealing with paintball players here. Not exactly the best or easiest crowd to sell things to. I've seen issues come up over on TechPB, where I've personally called the companies for the users to see what was going on. Not once was the company 100% at fault in the escalation of the problem. Either the claim was exaggerated, or the customer was clear in how they wanted it resolved, or the customer was blatantly lying with their story online, etc.

If you have a problem with an order, follow these steps-

1) In a professional manner, contact the company and explain the situation-

"Hello, my name is Mike Phillips. I ordered a pair of JT Gloves, Order Number 345789. My receipt says I ordered a pair of XL, I received a pair of Mediums. What is the best way to resolve this? Can you issue me an RMA number, so I can mail these back and get the correct pair?"

If you go into situations with that easy going attitude, you'll never have a problem with online retailers, inside of paintball or out
You just hit it yourself. Alot of the people that post on the forums that have these problems are kids. They don't know that when they call, they should ask for a RMA number. They don't have that clue. So they don't know that they should call up and ask for a RMA number. They know that they ordered item X in size Y, and got item X in size Z. Just because they ship out 800 packages a day does not make them the best. It's when the ship out 800 packages a day, with less than 1% error, and when they do mess up, they don't try to play a blame game or make it less attractive to fix the error.

I had an issue a couple of months ago with a Violin that I bought from Amazon. I contacted Amazon about it, and they looked into it. They didn't send to to UPS to make sure that address was correct, or whatever. They dealt with it.

Originally Posted by DarkStar View Post
If you buy a TV From Walmart and it's broken out of the box do you return it to SONY? or to walmart?

If you buy ANYTHING from newegg and it's broken out of the box, Do they send you to ASUS, or MSI?

Please explain why paintball retailers should provide lesser service.
Mike probably can't explain. It is a private business, and they have their policy. They seem to be the only company that has this policy, and they stick to it pretty hardcore. But you bring up great examples of what other successful online and brick and mortar stores do, which has been brought up with ANS before, but never answered.
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