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Pick your Other Poo - Build Off Vote thru 11/9/12

Here's the "Other" pile of poo; take your pick!

Again, check the threads below for updates if you haven't lately.

DocsMachine -- Holy Poo! (The TekAngel Saga) -- Angel

Echo -- Pile of Poo 2 Build -- Prolite

FirstTarget -- Pile of P.. project -- MR1

heinous -- pile of poo, HARD MODE, automag pistol -- automag

infamoussmiley -- Smiley's Poo Build -- 98 custom

MIballer -- MIballer's pile of Poo build. -- piranha R6

pillage -- Flinging Poo -- ballista

Rage 01 -- Rage's Pile of Poo build -- tpx rifle

Spider! -- My triple pile of poo -- Trilogy

tjd10684 -- Ariakon ACP Poo pistol -- ariakon
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