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Originally Posted by Voidz View Post
Great tips guys keep em coming! I would love to work with paintballers cs would be awesome for me
Make a copy of your application and leave one at the store, make some follow up calls to speak to the manager and see if he got your application. call in no more than once a day unless someone tells you to call back at a certain time. if they tell you to call back on Monday then call back on Monday.

get to know all the product that is in the paintball world, don't come into the store with a bias as to what product is better and what is bad. you may have to sell a product you wouldn't normally use but that doesn't mean its a bad product, it just fits a different type of customer.

when you go in to meet the manager, clean your self up! brush your teeth, brush/cut your hair, shave and iron your clothes. you need to look somewhat presentable. if the manager thinks your a mess then he is going to think you will keep his store a mess. and be yourself in the interview, even if your nervous. my first interview i was a bumbling idiot but i was honest and the manager hired me even though i was a nervous wreck.

good luck

what store are you trying to apply at?
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