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A1 small bore kit, A1 rage stiffi, A1 rage stiffi tip

-Copied this ad from my pbn account, doesnt hurt to advertise in 2 spots and ive had some good luck on here-

OK guys since no ones really biting on buying my A1 with everything, i figured if i sell the barrel stuff i could lower the price and get more interest. I bought everything rage related since i had the rage A1 but i decided id much rather buy a bigger bike than have 8 pb guns. That in mind, NO TRADES.

Small bore kit - Sold

Next i have a 12inch (i think) Ragestick for the A1. This was the barrel i always used on the gun, the cf isnt peeling or anything, the barrel is fine and never gave me issues. Its .691 back. --75 shipped--

I also have the A1 ragestick stiffi tip, it fits the stock barrel backs and is just a cf tips for the stock barrles. Used once or twice by me, again i used the full stiffi barrel most of the time. Viewing it tonight when taking the pictures the color isnt the same as the full stiffi i have. I dont know if its due to the pevious owner using this quite a bit, or the CF in general, but the picture shows what i mean --40 shipped--

All my items are shipped USPS priority and i have paypal

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