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Originally Posted by wd3d View Post
This came in on consignment at my local field, Asking price is $350. Seemed high to me.

Anno looks to be in great condition and is supposed to be in working order.

Sorry about crappy cell phone pic.
Sorry, I know that this is more than a month after the fact, and they may not have it anymore. But I would say $200 to $250. Only reason for the $250 is because of the anno. But blind 02/03 Vikings sell for around $200 or so. If the board can't accept eyes, then you would would to look into another board, not not needed. If you did want eyes, you may still be able to get some 02/03 eye covers from DC, as well as have them do the eye milling. So in the end, saying that it does have an eye capable board, you would still be spending more than $50 for the eyes and covers.
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