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given the 7D is a crop body I'd bring the 70-200,the 50mm, the fisheye I'm not sure about I've never really liked fisheye lens pics myself the distortion effect I find in most cases takes away from the picture. the 28-135 should give you a nice wide shot if you need it though if you have access a 20mm 2.8 would probably be ideal for the wide angle shots.

Given you've already got the 70-200,the 50 and the 28-135 I'd say leave the 70-300 at home it'll tighten up some shots a bit but probably not enough to justify the bag space when the 70-200 is probably well more than enough seeing as a 7D is a 1.6x crop factor that means your 70-200 is producing the same effective shots as a 112-320. Always remember one major rule of shooting if you've got a once in a lifetime shot of moving action and that is shoot wide first crop later (so I'd advise you to shoot RAW). the 50mm would be great for perhaps up close shots of the little details on the planes after the routine is over and they are parked and the 28-135 could be useful for getting in tight but not too tight on a say a diamond slot shot.

just my amateur/semi pro photog $.02

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