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.67cal Buwwets!
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I definetly will regret it but i was glad to own ot for sure. I was looking at my local field and i cant gdt much use out of it there and for the price of FSR's, i can play all year for what i would shoot in a day or 2. My open class CCM guns suit me so well they are really all i ever want to use. I am anxious for the J12 to drop. I am expanding my real steel now and this is funding my 50 Beowulf AR 15, you know, the one that can kill vehicles

This will go down with my woodland camo S6 as one i wish i never sold but they both are funding more fun things so it makes it easier. Maybe i can get them both back someday.

It is already sold and i do regret it but i wont be once i squeeze off some 50 cal rounds from an AR, i am building a deer/bear/hog hunting rifle.
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