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Originally Posted by big jim View Post
On the other hand a common quote is " do what you enjoy for a career and you won't work a day in your life." Hasn't exactly worked out for me, as I have enjoyed what I do and it can still become a grind from time to time. but at least I don't hate going to work.
I'm going through this exact moment right now

I work at a chain restaurant
we had two new cooks bail on us already, a week within each of them leaving, both times while I'm on shift and it's and insane amount of orders and no product ready

Another of our guys is on his vacation

I had to call the only other cook we have to come in and help out
he's also a great friend of mine and I'm very grateful

and believe it when I say we were literally and army of two
and from start to finish it was 12+ hour shift

this has been every day since Thursday
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