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Pre-order 13ci or small co2 tank(2'') tank cover - Carter Approved

For 13-22ci tank or 2'' dia co2 - I need lenghts of other co2 tank if you want one. If you do not tell me it is for a co2 tank then you will have a 13ci size and I won't be able to say if it will be too long or too small.
It may possible to do it for a 8ci tank if I receive mine in time.

Color is Black, OD Green, Tan(Cream), Digital(Darker color than cadpat)

29$ Shipping included
Get a second cover for 22$(Tube included)
10rounds tube included
Tank not included

This is a product I pay when the run is complete so the funds aren't used untill the orders are ready.
I will open this pre-order untill next weekend(11-11-12)

Order: (People in bold paid)
Malafanango (13ci Black)
Bullseye (13ci Black)
raptor69r (13ci Black + Purple CCFC)
4G010H3R0 (13ci Black)
[MOOSE] (Invoice Sent for a 22ci(11'') Digital and a 13ci Black)
Grendal50 (7oz co2 about 8.75 inches Black)
Diomedes (13ci Black)
Nyxd Reserved already (13ci Black)
alphasniper (13ci Black)
Crossman (13ci Black)
Zmlman87 (13ci Black)
falcon16 (13ci Black)
Lohman466 (13ci Black)

Carter Commando Furry Contingent and Avratech Patches
If you order a tank cover you can add patches for 3$ ea
Distributor for Canada/Usa: Flying Lynx chad


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