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Green Flex IZE in extremely terrible condition

So, basically, the foam was eaten away by bad paint so I tore what was left out. The plastic part of the bottoms was covered in crap from old Nelson paint so I ran them under VERY hot water to rinse them off and where the original tear was it tightened up and tore three more times (The orig. tear was the very bottom one). I used a ziptie to try and hold it in one piece for a friend that wanted to use it for airsoft and that's why it's there. The strap has warped and the ears and visor are dirty. The chinstrap is still there and the screws/bolts to hold the bottoms to the ears are available but not with me.

This is NOT safe for paintball, basically, they're only safe to hand to an 8 year old for Nerf. If you get a lens and new foam all that would be needed are bottoms.

Since I don't know what I'm doing, $10 and shipping.

If you want just the frames, $5 and shipping.
If you want just the strap, $5 and shipping.
If you want the bottoms, $1 and shipping or free with the frames or strap if you want it.

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