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Originally Posted by Murf425 View Post
So I just got back from my second full day on the field with this gun, and I'm even more impressed. I've never gotten on my teammate's nerves before, standing at the starting box just jumping around singing about how much I love my gun. One of the refs who'd shot it at Cup asked to shoot it with my Fibur barrel, and he was just in awe of how it stacked ball on ball across the field...shooting crappy Heat field paint.

Buy one. You'll love it.
Hes not lying, I was amazed by it fully. I hit an 8" wide post a good few times from atleast 70 or so feet? Would you say it was about that? This thing is deadly. Just deadly. If I ever get to play murf instead of reffing, I want to use one of these. With my brass barrel. And evil. And a bodyguard.
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