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My 2 new purchases...kinda. I traded my Thompson M1 Replica for both of these. Why would I trade my Thompson you ask? The more I thought about it, Ive owned it for 3 years. Shot it 3 times. Its extremely heavy as well. I was going to get the SBR put on it, but again, that would have been at least another $300 and a 6 month wait.

I figured it would be better for someone to have it that would actually get some use out of it, and it helped me get 2 fire arms that I wanted.

The shotty is a Mossberg 500 "chainsaw". I took the "chainsaw" grip off of it. It was too clunky and bulky. The AFG is off my SCAR, but ill be buying one as well as a CAR stock for it.

The Pistol is a CZ-75 P-07 Duty. Awesome little pistol that shoots great. Ive wanted it for a while now.
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