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Scary moment at the field...

So my son and I went to an open play game and the place was packed as usual. We're walking to the field and there are two little guys that couldn't be more than the age limit (I think its 10 at the field) and they were talking about how fast they were going to surrender so they didn't get shot. I got a little chuckle out of that and though they were small fries, it was cool to see little guys getting into the sport. So we have this castle on the field and my team gets to defend. Our side starts out behind the castle and after the whistle blows I tuck into the closest bunker. There is a pile of bodies stacked up behind the castle and I took a look for my son and see one of the little guys sitting on the ground with his mask around his neck. His eyes were as big as donuts and he's yelling to me that the mask won't stay up. I rushed over to him and the mask (it was a rental) was just too big with shot elastic and it kept falling off his face. I held the mask to his face while he hoisted his Tippmann and helped him walk off the field. He could barely lift the marker too...

I kept looking around for a parent to come help him and nothing. I don't know if his parent(s) were back at the staging area but it chapped my tail a bit that this little guy and his buddy were just out in an open play game with no parent or sibling watching out for them. Sure the refs there do a good job, but there were over 20 players per side and too much going on for one ref to manage. No one needs to lose an eye or take a string to the face, especially little guys.

If you have small children, please don't just drop them at the field and take off. At least send someone to watch out for their safety.
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