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You did the right thing. I have taken many shots when reffing to avoid those problems. I remember being at an outlaw game once (very few times I ever did that) and I was running to tackle this kid to get his mask on. We were attacking a team already on the field and found out why later on. Anyways... He had been shot and panicked. He tore off his mask and was screaming for his mom... his dad had shot him and with no mask on his father unloaded on him. He took 5 or 6 rounds to the head before I was able to shield him. I took probably 20 more before the dad stopped shooting/laughing. Drunk bastard. I left after that. The kid was mangled... his mom freaked out..and everyone was pretty much drunk minus me and a few others. Dad was shooting about 395 or so... along with the rest of them. He was maybe 20-30 feet from the kid. The kid almost lost his RT eye from damage but after a month or so it started to heal and he could see from it again. You did the right thing. KUDOS.
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