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Originally Posted by Manning View Post
No one needs to lose an eye or take a string to the face, especially little guys.
Way to be looking out for the little guys. I love seeing kids getting into the sport and I feel it's our job as the "old guys" of the sport to make sure they're being taken care of. More and more am I defining my day of play by whether or not the kids at the field are having fun.

Originally Posted by Manning View Post
If you have small children, please don't just drop them at the field and take off. At least send someone to watch out for their safety.
I agree and this something I've said before and feel strongly about. I hate it when parents treat the paintball field like a daycare.

Originally Posted by uniwersel View Post
Sorry to threadjack sorta, but do people get annoyed at people around my age (14-16) being dropped off without a parent to stay with us? My dad is usually with me when I play, but there have been a couple exceptions to that.
As long as you're mature and handle yourself properly, no. But to be frank there are quite a few adults I've met at the field who are not mature and do not handle themselves properly.

Originally Posted by p8ntninja View Post
The part that concerns me the most with the whole story is the fields rental staff doing a piss poor job of maintaining their gear. That is unacceptable.
Agreed. The field staff's first and most important job is always safety. If a gun doesn't work right then the customer might leave unhappy. If a mask doesn't work right then the customer might leave without an eye. Priorities need to be in order.
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