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Originally Posted by p8ntninja View Post
The part that concerns me the most with the whole story is the fields rental staff doing a piss poor job of maintaining their gear. That is unacceptable. You payed for a good and in return should be receiving gear/goods that are in proper order. The idiot handing out the gear needs to be canned for allowing a youngster to walk off with a mask strap in poor shape that provides very little safety.
This was my thought also.

Painthappy: I figured it would find it's own set of rules... really.... Not intended for people to post a place with porn links left and right...

But really a place where you can loosen your tie... We'll see what happens. I figure that with the right set of people to begin with, we could have a good forum.

Otherwise it could go right down the drain...

So we'll see.
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