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Originally Posted by Interceptor View Post
I miss my Steel Legion Guard. However I don't miss buying a new set of rules every two years.
Originally Posted by tiny View Post
Fixed. I don't think I've actually bought a rule book since 3rd edition. I bought the new dark eldar codex but at the rate they go with xenos that's $25 every 12 years

You can find complete pdfs for every rule book if you know where to look
Eh, it's not so bad, and I've yet to find a new ruleset that I didn't prefer over the previous one (Well, the run rules for 5th were kinda cruel to my Tau, but 6th has since made up for it with Overwatch).

I honestly don't mind it. I got in with 4th Edition, and all the starter sets since then have been fantastic-you can find the pocket rulebooks from them on eBay for a song, or get some very well-done 500-750-point armies from the starter. I only bought the full rulebook this time because I needed it before the starter set dropped, and I don't need to start another army before I finish off my Tau and Imperial Guard.

As for Codexes...I kinda wish they'd slow down on the release for those. Especially the Marine ones. Well, less slow down and more evenly distribute the releases. At leas they finally redid Dark Eldar and Grey Knights.
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