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Originally Posted by Axel View Post
I feel like the principle of 'spare parts lying around in your collection don't count towards the price limit' is moderately unfair when one of the entrants is Doc Nickel.

Echo, that Pro-Lite is a piece of art.

heinous, I really dig the spirit of the rules, and I feel that your Mag is still among the top entrants in spite of the extra limitations you placed on yourself.

Spider!, the Trilogy was yet another piece that caught my eye.

This was incredibly difficult to vote on, even more so than the Sheridan thread. Great job, everyone.
The only thing that is really unfair is that we can't control the final product. The contest isn't about the parts, but what you do with them. Poo is relative. But people see a marker they like and sometimes forget the level of effort, creativity, or ingenuity involved.

Besides, playing against the masters is how you learn.
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