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Talked to Ms.Jackie today, the following teams will be the line-up for NorthBase (as of now, it could change by Nov31st):

Centurions - Generaling
Team On Target
Team P.O.S.S.E.
Double Threat
Blue's Crew (?)
LA Mafia
Team Backlash
Team Elite
Xtreme Battle Crew
Team Thrill Kill

So Far the teams playing Southbase are:

Team Unwanted - Generaling
Adrenaline Mafia (?)
X Men
Xtreme Rage
X Factor
Fort Myer's Elite
Devils Rejects
Acid Reign (?)
Panther Elite
Smokin Gunz

This list was compiled from last years list based on who was where.
This list is subject to change based on where Ms.Jackie puts them this year.
THIS IS NOT the final list

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