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Ok got some trigger time with the gun here my review.

Game play observations:
1. Yes the red dot works. It works very well. In fact, I noticed my first shot accuracy going way up. I have even learned how to shoot the gun on my left shoulder.

2. Self cleaning eye pipe + unable to crush the eye pipe with barrel = Brilliant. I never liked the eye pipe because they were so easy to crush. I always love the self cleaning eye pipe idea. Now you have the best of both worlds.

3. Stock or no stock. Both playing style are comfortable. I use a 48/4500 and it fit neatly under the stock.

4. FS Round.... Amazing accuracy matched only by its price.

5. All the older speedball players love it. They thought the gun as a very nice and could seem themselves with one.

6. Stock efficiency was on par with the Dye Reflex rail. I got 500ish rounds out of my 48/4500 tank. Nothing to write home about. But it is enough to have fun with it. I can see that as the gun breaks in and with some tuning the gun might do a little better. But I doubt I can get cocker/ego like efficiency.

Things I think can use some work:
1. When using the mags with normal paintball, the last ball always seems to break in the breech. The paint breaking coats both the breech(which is ok since it self cleans) and the mag(which is not ok). The mags are hard to field clean. Of course this could be the paint, which had very small bores.

2. When using two shrouds and the stock UL, it is impossible to remove the barrel without taking off the shrouds. My UL tends to break apart in the middle. I went down to using only 1 shroud which allow me to grab the UL back if I needed. I wish DYE would either make their barrel counter threaded like Eclipse. Or design it so taht I can slide the barrel thread carrier all the way out when the shroud is installed.

3. Re-installing My bolt assemble seems very tricky. It only goes in 1 of two ways. If you don't line things up, the bolt will only screw in .75 turns and will leak air all over the place.
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