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Originally Posted by The Inflicted View Post
Good job Manning!

Not to argue that it's not a shame that parents drop their kids off for an "Extreme" adventure sport without proper supervision, nor that it's the field's fault, I do want to point out that in a sport with as many odd dangers and pitfalls as ours, it really does fall to players like us to spot problems like this and fix them. You were there to step up to the plate and I would hope that most of us, and most old-time players in general are willing and able to do this.
Man I hate to argue the point, but parents should NOT be put in the position to have to count on the charity of the patrons to provide for the safety of their children at a facility that claims to be family safe / family friendly.

As a parent there is no way I would willingly release the safety of my 10 year old child to absolute strangers.

I say: (pick one)
1) close the business as it is not family safe / family friendly.
2) make the facility family safe / family friendly.*
3) state clearly that the facility is not safe for unattended children.

* the industry should self-regulate or be regulated by professional organizations dedicated to safety; and self regulation should not and can not rely on the charity of the paying customers to safeguard the well-being of the children participants. Thats dangerous and pathetic.

Sorry for the brass tacks.
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