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Short review of the DAM!

So here is my very basic short review of the marker. First off this feels so much lighter than my tm15 or phenom. The marker is very solid even though it is light. The grip is very comfortable and getting to the select button for changing modes is easy. Ejecting the mag is nice and in reach for my middle finger (I have short fingers), which is nice since you don't need to move your hand from the grip. The 20 round mag ejects easily, push the button and it drops out. The 12 round mag is not so easy you need to slap it into the mag well and pull on it to get it out. I am going to get a hold of dye and find out why this is. The mags are very easy to clean and take apart. The mags are very durable and have a little weight to them as well. (it doesn't feel like cheap plastic). The trap doors are great to keep you paint clean when in your pouch and no way of accidentally ejecting all the paint. Removal of the bolt is easy and quick same with the pipe. I was able to shoot it and was chronoing in at 267-269 FPS with paintball and 275 fps with FS. The marker is very quiet (very soft sound to it) and i was using my techt Ifit .688, 6" flasc with 3" ported end. This marker is amazingly accurate both with paintballs and FS!

New Feedback as my other was deleted for some reason: MCB feedback

PBN Feedback

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