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Q-loader 7-pod setup for $100, Columbia MO CL

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This is a paintball loading system that feeds paintballs into your gun. It is completely spring driven and so DOES NOT REQUIRE batteries. It mounts on any gun in a matter of minutes, which I can help you do, and allows you to fire you gun up to 35+ BPS (depending on guns capabilities), even with your gun upside down.

I have used this system for the past 5 years and absolutely love it! I just don't play any more and am getting rid of my stuff.

Please see the website link for more information: qloader Paintball Hopper and Elite Paintball Gearqloader Paintball Hopper and Elite Paintball Gear | Paintball Marker Custom Loading System

This system comes with two gun attachments, 7 pods (100 rounds/pod), pod loader, and pod belt w/tank holder.
If you're interested in it, drop me a PM and I'll play middleman for you.
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