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Going "pump"

Iīve ditched semi play in paintball so I have been getting the urge to do the same on my camera gear.
Iīm selling my zoom lenses in favor of prime lenses.
I have a 17-50 2.8 and 70-200 2.8 zooms now, that will pay for these, so I wonīt be puttin any money in.

Since I donīt do much commercial shooting like weddings where you have to have a zoom, I rather shoot with smaller faster lenses.

This is roughly the future setup:

20/24mm 1.8
35mm 2 (have)
50mm 1.4
85mm 1.8

I havenīt decided if I want canon or sigma, and Iīm wondering if I get by with no wide angle (I have a crop camera) or will I have to add a Samyang 14mm to the mix.

Any opinions on lenses appreciated, especially those who have used both Sigma and canon 50mm and 24mm

I wonīt go all "stock class" meaning manual, but rather fast af primes, they seem to fit my shooting style best for now.
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