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Originally Posted by thumper View Post
the first question should be regulated or non-regulated and work backwards from there.

non-regulated (600-1000psi) = mags or pre-2k cockers with stock high pressure low volume valves, small air chambers, and any old internals.

regulated (300-400psi) = 2K+ cockers w/ internals that are low pressure high volume friendly. (grossly over-generalized)... and a decent reg designed for the task.

e.g., start with an operating pressure and build to that pressure. cocker internals were made to work at a fairly specific* operating pressure. Pick a pressure and work backwards. *(again over-generalized)
Sounds like 2 functional body types and 2 functional valve types then.

Somewhat... underwhelming.

Probably too much to ask for criteria to be applied evenly.
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